Have you ever clicked a file on your computer without knowing exactly what it is, only to find it is infected with a nasty virus?

We offer a variety of computer protection software that we can install based on your needs. Our new protection plan, Larry On-Guard offers a proactive approach to stopping malware.

Block Infected Files

Larry On-Guard malware protection blocks malicious files before they infect
your computer.

Download Files

You can download files with confidence knowing that our malware protection is scanning each file.

Scan Instant Message

Our malware protection scans your instant message attachments and other files you download or access, helping to protect you from being infected.

Protect Your PC

Larry On-Guard protects your PC by checking both the hardware and software daily. Our software makes sure your computer's operating system is protected with the latest security updates and also makes sure third party plugins are also updated. Our hardware monitor lets us know you have an issue that needs to be addressed before it turns into a problem.

Real-time Scanning

Malware protection allows for the continuous scanning of files in real-time, helping to prevent infection.

Works Seamlessly

Larry On-guard works in the background, maintaining your system. Its like having a technician check your computer daily.